The Brave Fighters

WWII Anti-Nazi Resistance Near Hitler's Ukrainian Headquarters

   Український Варіант

"The Brave Fighters" film was completely a self-financed 3-person family project without any outside financing (Grants, Loans, Inheritance, etc.) Halitsky Family spent their hard-earned money to purchase: video cameras, lights, computers and expensive software applications.

Steve Halitsky

Steve Halitsky
-- Researcher, Co-Writer and Featured Speaker.
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Roxanne Halitsky

Roxanne Halitsky
(Mr. Halitsky's Widow) -- Researcher and Host.

Edward Halitsky

Edward Halitsky
(Mr. and Mrs. Halitsky's son) -- Co-Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Lighting Technician, Web Designer, DVD Producer, Researcher and Designer of all 50+ Special Effects.
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Three of them volunteered hundreds of hours to make this film possible.

This film is dedicated to the brave Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighters near Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

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"The Brave Fighters: WWII Anti-Nazi Resistance Stories Near Hitler's Ukrainian Headquarters"

A Film by Edward Halitsky

Film Running Time: 68 minutes (with Bonus Scenes) 
Audio: English, Ukrainian (dub)            
Subtitles: English
Worldwide Premiere: December 2010                  
Production Countries: USA, Ukraine

Film Disclaimer:

Events portrayed in "The Brave Fighters" film were compiled from various sources:

Whenever possible, original source is presented on screen. Due to extremely limited access to WWII Soviet Archives, Film Creators cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Some scenes were reconstructed using modern technology. Warning: Some content may be objectionable to young & sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


Movie Synopsis:

During World War II, Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighters rescued many lives near Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Ukrainian Headquarters. They saved thousands of Ukrainians, Jews and Russians. These are their true stories.

Mr. Steve Halitsky was born during World War II in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, just a few miles from Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Headquarters. Mr. Halitsky knew many Anti-Nazi Resistance fighters who risked their lives for strangers. For over 60 years, he collected many exciting stories about Anti-Nazi Resistance in his hometown.

One day in 2010, Mr. Halitsky and his son Edward sat down and decided to realize a special project about Anti-Nazi Resistance near Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Ukrainian Headquarters. Then, they discovered other true stories about Anti-Nazi Resistance in Vinnitsa. Anti-Nazi Resistance Members were Ukrainians, Jews, Poles, Russians and Germans. They self-organized in groups and saved thousands of Ukrainians, Jews, Poles and Russians. Unfortunately, those extraordinary people were not publicly recognized. In this film, Mr. Halitsky describes many of these stories in detail.

Vinnitsa is in the center of Ukraine's "Podolia" region. This area was known as one of Europe's most beautiful places. North of Vinnitsa there was a magnificent pine forest near Strizhav'ka village. The pine trees were hundreds of feet tall. To the South-West flows beautiful Yuzny Boog river. Just across that river was a colorful meadow. Most of this area was later destroyed by the Communists.

In late 1930's, the Communists built an enormous Air-Force base near Vinnitsa. The Base had large Command Centers & interconnected underground bunkers. In 1941, German forces occupied Ukraine and captured this Air Force Base. The German High Command established Vinnitsa as an "Eastern Front" Hub with several critical Control Centers. Suddenly, Vinnitsa was flooded with Elite German officers from various branches. Vinnitsa's historical buildings were converted for use by German High Command. For example: Noble Gathering Mansion served for High-Level meetings and ballroom parties. Nikolai Pirogov Hospital operated strictly for wounded German officers and soldiers.

The Germans also constructed Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Headquarters in nearby pine forest. These Headquarters consisted of wooden cottages, barracks and underground bunkers. The entire complex was surrounded by barbed wire. Hitler's residence consisted of a log cabin, underground bunker and a private courtyard. All ground defensive positions were interconnected by tunnels. The "Wehrwolf" was served by a daily 3-hour flight: Berlin to Air-Force Base. There was also a 30-hour train connection: Berlin to "Wehrwolf."

The Germans ruled Vinnitsa with an iron stick. The SS, ABWEHR, GESTAPO units were on 24-7 alert. Einsatz Commands cleansed the town from Jews, Communists and other "undesirables." There were frequent searches, beatings, rapes and killings. All Anti-Nazi activity or sabotage was immediately crushed. At the end of Nazi's occupation, 250,000 people were killed.

Vinnitsa Citizens refused to stand idle as innocent people were being slaughtered. They chose to fight! Ukrainians, Jews, Poles and Russians self-organized Resistance cells.

Mr. Steve Halitsky's mother Olga took an active role in Anti-Nazi Resistance. Olga worked as a Nurse in Nikolai Pirogov Hospital. She was a beautiful, young woman with a magnificent voice. The Germans ordered Olga to attend ballroom parties in Noble Gathering Mansion. Sometime between 1941 and 1943 she met a High-Ranking German Officer who fell in deep love with her. Steve was born August 1943 when Hitler was still in "Wehrwolf" Headquarters.

Olga served as a liaison between Resistance Fighters & the High-Ranking German Officer. Without his protection, several Resistance groups would be crushed instantly. But these Resistance groups functioned with impunity for nearly three years and saved thousands of Ukrainians, Jews, Poles and Russians.

When Hitler was in "Wehrwolf" Headquarters, Anti-Nazi Resistance organized successful raid on Concentration Camp in close proximity to "Wehrwolf." This brazen attack forced Hitler to run out from "Wehrwolf" and never return.


Cast and Credits:

Directed by
Edward Halitsky        

Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Edward Halitsky   ....       written by
Steve Halitsky    ....        written by

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Roxanne Halitsky                
Steve Halitsky            

Produced by
Edward Halitsky ....     executive producer
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     associate producer
Steve Halitsky    ....     producer

Cinematography by
Edward Halitsky        

Film Editing by
Edward Halitsky        

Production Design by
Roxanne Halitsky              

Art Direction by
Edward Halitsky        

Set Decoration by
Roxanne Halitsky              

Costume Design by
Roxanne Halitsky              

Makeup Department
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     hair stylist
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     makeup artist

Art Department
Steve Halitsky    ....     assistant art director

Sound Department
Edward Halitsky ....     boom operator
Edward Halitsky ....     cable person
Edward Halitsky ....     sound editor
Edward Halitsky ....     sound mixer

Special Effects by
Edward Halitsky ....     special effects

Visual Effects by
Edward Halitsky ....     digital effects
Edward Halitsky ....     visual effects

Camera and Electrical Department
Edward Halitsky ....     additional photography
Edward Halitsky ....     camera operator
Edward Halitsky ....     gaffer
Edward Halitsky ....     video operator

Animation Department
Edward Halitsky ....     animator

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     costumer
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     wardrobe supervisor

Other crew
Edward Halitsky ....     choreographer
Edward Halitsky ....     technical advisor
Roxanne Halitsky       ....     script supervisor
Steve Halitsky    ....     production coordinator
Steve Halitsky    ....     technical advisor

Igor Chugunov   ....     special thanks
Faina Winokurova      ....     thanks

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